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Traditional LBO's Are Dying a
☠️ Slow, Painful & EXPENSIVE Death ☠️
But This All New System Got Sierra 57 *PAID* Leads in Only 4 Days...
The Vacation Body Funnel Attracts, Retains & Converts Clients Like No Other Funnel You Have Ever Tried.  
Because The Vacation Body Funnel *FIXES* The Broken LBO Model.
Price ***JUMPS UP*** in only...
Could The Vacation Body Funnel
Well, just maybe 😜

Here's the deal.

When you deploy this plug-and-play system of 100% done-for-you marketing systems you will discover how to incentivize your leads with "dream vacations"  to get them signed on with a HIGH TICKET offer, attend your sessions & follow your advice CONSISTENTLY and then...

I then will show you how to effortlessly convert them to long term agreements.

NO this is not just "give your clients a vacation" when they hit their goal - that's just stupid & short-sighted and missing a MASSIVE leveraging opportunity.

So yes, this is unlike any funnel you have EVER TRIED.

The best ever though?  Well, that remains to be seen but I can tell you I designed this funnel to overcome the 5 FATAL FLAWS of traditional LBOs.
The ☠️5 FATAL FLAWS☠️ of Traditional LBOs
Fatal Flaw #1: The Dreaded "Bait & Switch"
The "6 Weeks Free" promos (and it's variants) have done very well for a lot of people (myself included).

Now besides the fact that it is dying a slow and painful death, being played out and completely burnt out in most markets the funnel had a glaring flaw; the whole "bait & switch" thing.

I KNOW I KNOW... it's not technically a bait & switch blah blah blah.

Yeah, I know it's a "deposit" 🙄 or whatever.  

The reality of the offer is irrelevant.  The bottom line is that the perception is that if it is "free" there must be a catch.  And let's be real: there was.  So many perceived that it was a "bait & switch" and word travels fast on social media.

You DO NOT want to be known as the place that "scams" people with free offers.

The Vacation Body Funnel solves that problem first and foremost because it isn't free.

See how easy that is?

As a matter of fact, it is perfect for a high ticket offer.  Many of my beta testers are charging $400-$500 for the 6 weeks.

And no, it is not a deposit.  You don't have to give it back.

So why are they gonna pay that much? It's simple really: The Vacation Body Challenge has a HIGH PERCEIVED VALUE.

When clients complete the challenge they get a dream vacation worth $1400-$1800.  That's in addition to the normal training rate.

Wouldn't you pay $500 for an $1800 vacation?

Yes, you would.

And so will all of your new clients.

Fatal Flaw #2: Massive Attendance Drop Off 
Everyone is "motivated" when they first sign up right?  

I mean this time is different... this time they really mean it🙄

But soon enough they fall into old habits.  And old habits yield old results.

Just like all those New Year's Resolutioners.  92% of whom give up and ultimately fail within 30 days.

You've seen it too.  At about the 3-week mark, attendance and compliance start falling off right?

You message them, call and text but the excuses abound and soon enough they are ghosts 👻

So while you might have had 40 sign up only 20 something actually finish.

Well shit, that sucks.

But what if there was a SIMPLE, CHEAP & EFFECTIVE way to get almost 100% of your trial clients to finish the program? (and then convert, more on that in a sec...)

The Vacation Body Challenge solves that issue by taking a new and revolutionary approach to client incentivization. 

You see rewarding the OUTCOME or GOAL is a HUGE mistake.

I've done it, you've done it and it works - but only some of the time.

Here's why: Your clients have ZERO control over the outcome. For example, they cannot control what the scale does.

You could have 2 identical clients who attend the same number of sessions, follow the nutrition plan in precisely the same manner, have the same start weight and are essentially putting in the EXACT same amount of effort...

Yet one loses 10lbs, and one loses 20lbs.

You've likely seen it happen.

Yet with traditional LBOs we only reward the person who hit the goal.

Well, that just sucks.

The Vacation Body Challenge does NOT reward the outcome - it rewards the process, the HABIT.

Simply put you will reward your client with a dream vacation just for showing up a certain number of times per week, turning in food journals a certain number of times per week and posting to social media.  

ALL PROCESS BASED. (not goal based)

You can, of course, choose whichever criteria works best for you.

We focus on the HABIT, not the outcome.

Now here is the REALLY COOL PART...


So when you incentivize the process, the habit, their success becomes inevitable and assured.
Fatal Flaw #3: Crappy Compliance
You give them the workout, you give them the nutrition plan (this one rocks btw) and yet they don't do it.

They don't show up.

They don't follow the nutrition plan at all .. not even close.

I know this has happened to you because it has happened to me.

You have had a client who at the end of the program has said something like "your program doesn't work" or "your program doesn't work for me."

So you ask "Did you show up to the workouts?"


"Did you follow the nutrition plan and turn in your food logs?"



I just want to grab them by the shoulders, shake them and say "WTF WERE YOU THINKING?"

But I don't. 

It is usually at this point I try to *as politely as possible* inform them that they cannot complain about the results they didn't get from the program they did not follow.

But even that is flawed because all I did was point out they blew it. The situation is unbelievably frustrating but ultimately it was OUR JOB to make sure they stick to it, are accountable and get the results they pay us for right?
That is why the Vacation Body Challenge is so elegant.  

Again, they are incentivized for CONSISTENCY.  

By encouraging consistency we can diagnose and correct any issues WAY before the end of the program.

And you and I both know it is NOT the great nutrition plan (many plans work great) it is BEING CONSISTENT on a program that yields the results your clients desire and deserve. 

Fatal Flaw #4: Severely Under Pricing 
Low price offers are great - except they're not.

Offers like 21 Days for $21 can (and do) work GREAT on getting a ton of bodies in the door.

It's a smoking deal right?

But there are MULTIPLE issues with these types of offers.

Let's first talk about the psychology.  

Let's say I am going to give you a car - and you can choose between two different cars..  I'm not going to tell you anything about either of them other than one costs $30k and the other costs $150k.

Which one will you pick?

The answer is obvious.

Now flip that.  What does it say when you offer your supposed "high end" training service for only $21 (or whatever.)

It says it's cheap.


FACT: If you charge MORE people automatically believe you are WORTH MORE.

The other major issue with low priced offers is conversion.

Sure it can be done, but it is an uphill battle when you give them 21 days for $21 then try to sell them on $200 for a month.

Add to that that those who sign up for low priced offers (like Groupon) etc. are notoriously UN-QUALIFIED.

The Vacation Body Challenge resolves all these issues by doing one simple thing:  charging more.

Seems simple right?

Beta testers are getting $300 - $500 for the 6 weeks with ZERO resistance.

But why would they pay more?  As I stated above because of the massively high PERCEIVED VALUE.

When you deliver the body of their dreams AND the vacation to show it off people go nuts. 

When you implement the Vacation Body Funnel (along with its extensive cache of assets) they will VALUE you and your services.

With the Vacation Body Challenge are entering THEIR STORY and acknowledging their pain (agitating it) and then presenting yourself as the solution.

It is simple, elegant and extremely effective. 

Fatal Flaw #5: Horrid Conversion Rates
Ok, here is the most important thing you will ever learn about client attraction, retention, and conversion...

Clients come in for the HOOK... 21 for $21, Get Paid to Lose, 14 Day Detox, 6 Weeks Free, Summer This, Black Dress That, Blah Blah Blah..

But that IS NOT why they stay.

They don't even stay for the results.


Too many fit pros miss this completely.  

I know a guy who made close to 6 figures on a single LBO over the course of 8 weeks, then a short 7 months later had to shut his doors.

Why?  He was not delivering the EXPERIENCE.

Essentially his clients did not see the VALUE.  And that's a problem.

To be clear, conversion to long term agreements, otherwise known as the back end,  is where the $$$ is boys and girls.

Front end money is nice, sure.  But it is peanuts compared to the long term agreements.

I think you know that already.

But the problem is converting people from LBO to a 12-month agreement is traditionally very hard.

The Vacation Body Challenge once again SOLVES THAT PROBLEM on multiple levels.

Because (as discussed above) we are incentivizing the habit of attendance, we have more opportunities to show them the love, support, and VALIDATION they are so desperately craving.

And when a client feels seen, heard, appreciated and validated they will stay, pay and refer.

But the experience goes BEYOND the 30-45 mins they are with you.  It extends BEYOND the gym.

They will know you are thinking of them even when they are not there.

With done-for-you (literally cut & paste) text and email campaigns they will KNOW you actually care about their success.

But let me be clear, this is not your typical "rah-rah" motivational bullshit.  Quite the contrary.  

The messages they receive will speak to who they  ARE and who they WANT TO BECOME by shifting their energy and attention and focusing on the creation of life-changing HABITS.

All of this means when the challenge is over they will realize that this is JUST THE FIRST STEP in their journey and that YOU are the person to lead them on to the next phase.

They will literally be begging you to stay on board.
So What Do You Get?
Brace Yourself, It's All Plug & Play...
100% Ready To Deploy...
  • High Converting Vacation Body Click Funnel Site
  • Special Access To *UNLIMITED* Vacation Vouchers
  • 6-Weeks of Real Food Meal Plans (Registered Dietician Approved)
  • Weekly Print & Go Grocery Lists
  • 16 Persuasion & Influence based Promo emails 
  • Exclusive Vacation Body Challenge Nutrition Guide
  • Custom Fat Loss Recipe Manual
  • Cut & Paste Inspirational Emails
  • Done-for-You Inspirational Texts
  • Empowering Goal-Sheet
  • “Pain Point” PAR -Q
  • Auto-Enroll Agreement
  • Custom Vacation Body Images
  • Custom Vacation Body Animated GIFs & Videos
  • Vacation Body Logos for Your Own Images
  • QuickStart Check List

Tricia, When She got Her Dream Vacation 😳👙
ONLY $1297
One Payment of $697 (save over 40%)
5 EZ Payments of $149
Price ***JUMPS UP*** in only...
How About Some Bonuses???
You Didn't Think I Would Forget About The Bonuses Did You?
BONUS #1: 
The 95% Group Close ($697 Value)
This is the "ninja level" group close. It uses the latest in persuasion & influence (Jedi mind tricks) to close all of your new clients.

I walk you through the whole presentation point by point.  You will know EXACTLY what to say, when to say it and most importantly WHY to say it.

You get....
  • The Cut & Paste Powerpoint
  • The Powerpoint Video Walkthrough
  • The Auto-Enroll Agreement
  • Overcome Objection BEFORE they come up
  • Close at 95% or Higher
  • How to Get Your Clients to Literally RUN to Sign Up
BONUS #2: 
The Facebook Ad Pack ($497 Value)
You know I wouldn't leave you hanging for ads right?

I have put together a POWERFUL tool kit of masterfully crafted Facebook and Social media graphics and copy.

This is how you can pull in even more leads in less time for LESS money.

  • Multiple Variations of Facebook Ad Copy 
  • Viral Facebook Images
  • Already Done Engaging Facebook Ad Videos
  • Video Sales Script For Facebook Videos
ONLY $1297
One Payment of $597 (save over 40%)
5 EZ Payments of $149
Price ***JUMPS UP*** in only...
Just Check Out How Amazing The Vacation Body Funnel Is...
Your Clients Will Spend 6 Days & 5 Nights at a Luxury Resort in Sunny Mexico... 
The Most Amazing Pools
15 World Class Restaurants & Bars
Luxurious Spas & Fitness Center
Immaculate Accommodations
Stunning Views
Jack Nicklaus Par 3 Golf Course
How can you do this? You will have access to a special deal with a travel agency that gets you *great* deals on vacations.  They know once your clients are there you will love their resort so much that you will likely want to use more of their amazing add on services. So the bottom line is there is no scam, no bait & switch.  Plus, you will get *UNLIMITED* vacations to give away!
*DO NOT* Be Yet Another Short Sighted Trainer...🙄
Ok, I get it this program is not free.  Of course it isn't.  

It is freakin' awesome and will make you a ton of money.

But here is some simple math. You only need to sell and convert ONE CLIENT for this to be profitable.
(not break even, PROFITABLE!)


Here's how it breaks down...

Let's say you sell the program for ONLY $300 and you ONLY get one person to sign up. (just writing that makes me cringe).

Now they train for 6 weeks and because they are YOUR ONLY CLIENT (again, 🙄) they stay on and sign for 12 months.

Let's say your 12 month is only $1800.

You now have made $2100 total.

What did the program cost again? 🤔

You don't need to be a math genius to see that this is a crazy good deal.  It would be insane not to implement this massive revenue generating program.

It's a no brainer. (🚫🧠)
Here Is Real Proof That More Clients Are Within Reach...
ONLY $1297
One Payment of $697 (save over 40%)
5 EZ Payments of $169
Price ***JUMPS UP*** in only...
Ready For More Clients Fast?
ONLY $1297
One Payment of $697 (save over 40%)
5 EZ Payments of $169
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